Being a working woman and on top of that a single mother, it gets difficult for me to give time to my pet’s shopping. Taking care of a pet is not easy when you’re doing two jobs at a time and you have responsibility of two clumsy kids at a time. Well, more than time I could manage, it really gets me annoying when at the end of the month I really do not have money left for the spending.

I have a male pet dog for almost 7 years. He has been with me in all the good and bad days. He has seen with me the birth of my children bad obviously my separation room my ex-husband. He knows me more than anybody else.

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Being the owner of a dog, and a mother of two kids, I have responsibilities of so many things and maybe that’s why I have to do two jobs so that I can give my children and happy healthy life.Talking about pets, you are supposed to spend dollars of money every month to get them pampered. Plus, the vet expenses and you have to maintain the quality of the food so that you would not require to go to the vet.